Staff Bio – Mindy

Mindy Morehead

Mindy Morehead


Name: Mindy Morehead

Job description: Administrative Assistant

Worked here since: May 2010

Other occupations: Real Services energy assistance program, and budget management.

Biggest need in your area: volunteers for the pantry and clothing closet.

Hobbies:  Gardening, spending time with family, working with horses.

Final words: “Volunteer at the Window. You will become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.” 🙂


Meet the Staff

J. Ed Swartley

Name: J. Ed Swartley

Job description: Executive Director

Worked here since: jan 09

Other occupations: Pastor, Youth Director at YMCA.

Biggest need in your area: Finances and supplies for programs, Volunteers.

Hobbies: Running (completed 3 marathons), Biking, Racquetball.

Final words: “Come and check The Window out. There’s more then meets the eye. We’ve been around since 1967 and people in the area still don’t know what we do. It’s an effective place to put your efforts.”


It’s a new year, we are starting new things.

Hey all,

This is Grant Beachy with The Window.  We are working on finding better ways to keep you updated on happenings at the Window and immediate needs, or services we offer.  We’re glad you are here.  The Window meets real needs of real people in the Elkhart County area.  We have been operating for 43 years, and continue to be a practical source of help and encouragement.  Over 250 individuals and groups volunteer between 13,000 and 15,000 hours a year to keep The Window operating.  Countless more donate food and clothing.  Become a part of an effort that is making a difference in real time!

The Window is an agency of Church Women United of Goshen, Inc. that provides services to help meet basic needs of the elderly and anyone with limited income. These services are available to people without regard to race, color, creed, sex, age, religion, handicap, national origin, or ancestry.

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